Our goal at West End is to insure that Des Moines residents have a successful search of “salvaged” items from larger cities and foreign countries.

Our inventory comes from New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, England, the Middle East, and various other places-making us anything but boring! The unique, classically appealing items available at West End are found just about everywhere, but we offer a central location for them to be seen.

No matter how far you travel you’ll never forget the experience our store has to offer! Our passion is rescuing craftsmanship from the past and offering it to you for renovations or creative re-purposing. Someone’s trash is always someone else’s treasure!

West End has everything from furniture to stained glass to doors to tin panels. These one-of-a-kind items are organized by category throughout the four floors of the West End building. This makes it possible for you to find what you want in a minimal amount of time.

Unique Wine Bottle Side Table Custom Table Top Reclaimed Stained Glass





You could easily find a “house ready” furniture set, or create a set out of separate pieces.  West End has something for everyone!

Items come and go, and at times can be limited. Some pieces are sold even before they are unloaded from the truck! West End also accepts consignment items, so there will always be a wide array of choices.

Custom Jewelry Reclaimed, Elaborately Detailed Wooden Bench Customer Mirror and and Old Beer Sign






Don Short, owner of West End Architectural Salvage invites you to come explore all four floors (plus the lower level) and meet the friendly crew. West End is happy to assist you in designing and implementing ideas to complete your project with salvaged material and a wide array of spectacular items.

Hal and Don







The former Marshalltown resident and owner of the Taylor’s Maid Rite Restaurant has restored 27 houses in Marshalltown and Des Moines. Don and his crew spent twelve years renovating Marshalltown’s 100 year-old, 10,000 square foot Willard Mansion. (Willard Mansion was a popular reception hall with the perfect setting for weddings, parties, receptions, and tours.*) West End Architectural Salvage was born when the Don’s team salvaged two houses on Grand Avenue, and then had an extremely successful tag sale.

West End also has a full menu coffee shop and venue for parties and events.

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